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Cake stands

All cake stands are made with 6mm acrylic vertical sides and 3mm clear acrylic horizontal bases.  
Tapa flower cake stand Koru heart cake stand NZ fern cake stand  

150mm (approx 6") square cake stand 150mm (approx 6") square cake stand 150mm (approx 6") square cake stand  

All 3 designs are available in frosty clear (as shown), solid white or solid black. They are designed to notch together - no gluing required. Price: $49.00 each.


LOVE cake stands

Sold as separate pieces for you to glue together yourself.

These are available in two sizes - 150mm (approx 6") round cake stand and 200mm (approx 8") round cake stand.

Two colours are available - solid black and solid white. Prices: 150mm - $33.50 and 200mm - $40.00

Other wording also available.


Phone or text: (022) 1585732

Email: info@laserline.co.nz


All items are designed and made in NZ but some components may be imported

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