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All our mirror bases are cut from 6mm MDF unless otherwise stated. They have the glass adhered to the surface of the board which makes them ideal for tiling up to and grouting when mosaicing.

Please note: the courier charge on the mirrors is $15.00 - we can send 2 mirrors for this charge.

Abstract mirror
Size: 350mm x 590mm
Price: $19.00
Arabian nights mirror
Size: 445mm x 235mm
Price: $17.50
Rectangle mirror
Size: 380mm x 275mm
Price: $17.50


Curvy mirror
Size: 440mm x 315mm
Price: $17.50




All prices are current at time of uploading this website but are subject to change without notice.

Phone or text: (022) 1585732

Email: info@laserline.co.nz

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